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Goldengate Cargo Int’l Ltd is a wholly indigenous company incorporated in 2005 as a limited liability company and a Nigerian Customs Licensed Agent and Freight Forwarder.

Our company is peopled by teams of passionate, resourceful and highly connected veterans in the fields of Procurement and Logistics Operations, Risk Management, Banking and Commercial Law, and Information Communications Technology (ICT). In each of these critical fields, OUR CLIENTSwill have more than an average of fifteen years’ collective quality practical experience at her service.


Our Vision

To be the most preferred Freight Services Company in Nigeria.


Our Mission

To actively create exceptional values for our clients by listening, learning and decoding their issues, then proffering innovative and professional solutions.  We render excellent services according to agreed service levels with speed, accuracy and regular feedback to our clients.


Our Values and Culture

The corporate culture at Golden gate is hinged on five key values:Teamwork, Focus, Integrity, Determination and Commitment. This set of values has greatly positioned us for the outstanding performances recorded in the last three years and have provided a source of satisfaction to our growing clientele.

We hope to continually nurture these values and realign them to our Clients’ needs from time to time, as a means of sustaining our competitive relevance.


Our Management and Organization Structure

Goldengate operates a three-tier flat organization structure, namely Executive Management, Supervisory and Operating Officer’s level. This has the advantage of quick drill-down and lean overhead.


Our Service Offerings

We offer a rich bouquet of logistics services and solutions across the entire supply chain, including but not limited to:

Services:  Procurement (Sourcing; Documentation; Vendor Expediting)

Freight (Chartering; Scheduling; Negotiating)

Customs and Port Services (Duty & Tariff; CPC; Back-Duty; Licenses & Permits)

Trucking (Local Deliveries; Cross-Country Chartering; Dispatches)

Warehousing (Handling; Storage; Facility Sourcing & Management; Break-bulk and Consolidation)

Distribution (Repackaging; Order-Fulfillment/Dispatch)

Forwarding (Products Export; Documentation and Freighting Arrangements; Spares Repairs & Return)

Personnel Effects

Solutions:Project Logistics (Logistics for turnkey projects in Telecomms; Oil & Gas and Construction)

                   Trouble-Shooting (Loss Recovery; Closure of Customs files; Permits Issues; Cross-Border Transport)

                   Bonded Warehousing & Waivers Mgt.

                    Courier Service

                    Packing and Removal


Quality Assurance & Business Continuity


Goldengate Cargo quality assurance system consists of elements such as the  Corporate Value System; carefully documented Standard Operating Procedures for our KeyProcesses; Fully Insured Processes; Post-Service Customer Feedback; Systematic Recruitment, Training, Evaluation and Retraining of our Operational Staff; our Employees’ Code of Conduct/Ethics;a Performance-Based Reward System; and Subscription to Industry Regulatory and Advisory Best Practices.


As listed above, we are fully subscribed to all applicable regulatory and advisory directives of the relevant professional and governmental authorities within the industry, including Association of Nigerian Customs Licensed Agents (ANCLA); Council for The Registration of Freight Forwarders in Nigeria (CRFFN); International Aviation and Travel Agencies (IATA); Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), etc.


We maintain a three level archiving system to satisfy regulatory archiving requirements about maintaining shipment documents. This includes Client Depository; Our Internal Archive and Off-Site Archive.


Each of our team members undergoes a comprehensive induction process, regardless of the level of experience or qualification. This ensures team blending and harmony, right from the onset. Subsequently, each staff is passed through formal training to bridge any gaps identified during our annual training needs analysis. Teams assigned to new clients also undergo compulsory client-needs analysis training before deployment.


In addition to the above, we have executed valid and current insurance policies or arrangements to mitigate risks and losses foreseeable along our main operating frontiers. These include:


  • Goods-In-Transit (GIT)
  • Professional Indemnity Policy
  • Group Workmen’s Compensation Plan
  • Burglary, Fire and Special Perils Policy


Our Unique Proposition


Our Products, Services and Solutions are differentiated in the following ways:


One-Stop-Shop for all supply chain requirements: Whatever project or job our clients may require to be carried out, we assure that a full package will be presented, which can be executed directly by us or through our associated/affiliated partners. This ensures you will enjoy the benefit of optimized total-cost-of-ownership, instead of piecemeal tactics some service providers adopt in fleecing their clients. This approach helps us to bond with our clients and also enjoy economies of scale with our partners.


Rich Network of Partnerships and Affiliation: We are fully connected in Asia; Europe, Far East; Middle East Southern Africa and the Americas. Thus our clients will be afforded global logistics connectivity through us. We are also members of all relevant professional bodies and chambers of commerce and industry.


Shared-Value Approach: Pricing of our Solutions adopts this philosophy which engenders maximum sustainability of our services and processes and in turn maximum yield for our clients.


Discretion: Our Staffs have been well indoctrinated on the principle of confidentiality. As such, all our client’s information will be treated strictly on a need-to-know basis.


Efficient Documents Archiving System: Our documents archive is designed and maintained for safe and efficient storage and retrieval of documents relating to our client’s jobs. This ensures fulfillment of regulatory requirements as well as provide the facility to handle back-duty investigations, if they arise.


One Contact:All Goldengate staff is discouraged from ‘passing the buck’. You can always obtain all information required for your needs from a single contact. This ensures excellent communication as well as putting everyone on the same page at all times. Our one contact rule also stipulates that one channel covers all. This implies that OUR CLIENTS will be serviced on the preferred mode of communication, be it email; gsm (voice, sms, chat, mms); fax; or one-on-one. A communication officer will be assigned to your jobs.


One Customer Approach: We ensure that each new customer or new assignment will enjoy the full measure of our capabilities before engaging in any service. Most of our competitors will never reject a job for reason of capacity constraints!


Continuous Client Education: In and out of engagements, we ensure our Clients who opt for the free services are exposed to adequately distilled information about the industry and operating environment. We believe this will help build trust, enable informed decision making and prevent our competitors from hoodwinking the market. This also helps ensure that only service providers who are ready to provide real value can compete with us, and such competition will be on a level ground.


Right Network of Business Friends and Contacts: Finally, we like to mention that due to a long span of excellent professional performance, we have established an enviable network of friends and associates across the industry, whom have come to trust and rely on us. We will draw freely from this resource from time to time for the benefit of our clients.


Responsiveness and Flexibility: Due to our compact structure and a deliberate Selective Engagements policy, we have ensured that our clients will have direct access to our top Management for quick solutions and troubleshooting. We also undertake solution based engagement outside the normal service processes, provided the Client meets our strict selection criteria.

Technology:We adapt and deploy appropriate modern technology in satisfying and surpassing our Clients’ expectation. Many have found these tools relatively simple relative to their initial apprehension.


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From general to customized equipments and over-sized cargo, to full container load (FCL), Less than Container Load (LCL), (also known as Groupage shipment).</p> <p>We has developed a new, seamless import process that guarantees more than 80% SEA FREIGHT services that will enable us to reach out to the global world.



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